Welcome to Rutsaver Noise

Give your space a natural soundscape...

Overnight Recordings:

Capilano - 10hr

Deeks Lake - 10hr

Seamless Loops:

Sound tips from Alex & Chris:

Dial it in...

Use nice/big speakers if you have them.

A portable/bluetooth unit will work. Adjust speaker placement and volume until the room is gently blanketed with noise, covering any ambient sounds.

If using a tiny/bad speaker (or smartphone) you'll get a treble-heavy sound. To make the best of this, try a lower volume.

Loop & crossfade

For best results:

Enable your [loop album] setting.

Set [crossfade] to 1-3 seconds. 

Rutsave your sleep

Try playing Rutsaver Noise extra quiet at night - just audible above the ambient noise level in your bedroom.

Enable your [loop album] setting.

As you relax, let thoughts give way to sustained attention on the soft noise. You may find yourself falling into a pleasantly immersed state as the blur of frequencies resolves & resonates, suspending you in sound.

Sync with the sun

If you'd like to sleep & wake with the soundscape, choose a multi-hour overnight recording.

Enable your [loop album] setting.

Select your starting track by time-of-day.